Nianca Cronje

Last Resume Update 30/12/2018
Address Cambodia, Angola
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Birthday: 1982
Gender: Female
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Nationality: South African
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Teaching Experience 1 - 2 years
Expected Location: Đà Nẵng
Expected Salary: 20
What’s your highest level of education completed? Bachelor's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) Classroom Classes: I have a 120 hours certificate or more on my TEFL certification


My specialty is to help students overcome their fear of speaking English and to build their confidence to become better speakers of the language.
I have a distinct passion for English language teaching and am TEFL certified.
I have been teaching English for more than one year and love to see how my student's confidence develop!
In class, I always exert extra effort to make it a fun and memorable experience!
The elements of fun and learning something valuable while maintaining relevance to my student's needs are important to me.
To get students engaged I use various teaching methods to move students progress towards understanding and ultimately implementing English in their everyday environment!
I would be glad to be a part of your school and be able to build your students confidence in applying the use of the English language within their everyday environment!

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