Ngoc Dung Nguyen

Last Resume Update 12/11/2017
Address Hanoi, Viet Nam
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Birthday: 1993
Gender: Male
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Nationality: Vietnamese
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Expected Location: Hà Nội


I was a tutor started my second year of college. The university I attended, North Dakota State University, has a center of Academic Collegiate Enhancement, in which academically well-performed upperclassmen students are hired as tutors for underclassmen. I helped many freshmen, sophomores, and sometimes even juniors with their homework, advised them on studying strategies, test taking tips, etc. It was the nature of my job to be flexible in working in both one-on-one and group setups.

During my postgraduate study, I was a teaching assistant for the Math Department of my university. My job required me to communicate on daily basis with the instructor, help students with their assignments, grade papers, and continuously report the status of the Department's learning emporium.


Although not a native speaker, I have 7 years of studying and living in the U.S. During my first few years, it was quite difficult for me to adapt, as there was very few Vietnamese students in the city that I lived (Fargo, ND). I had to break out of my comfort zone and made friends on my own. Thankfully, because of it, my ability in communication tremendously improved. As a very social person as I am, I participated in many campus' activities and students organizations. Notably, I was the spokesperson for the Vietnamese Students Association, in which I continuously hosted and emceed for 5 continuous Lunar New Year celebrations for the community. My reputation spread around campus and I received invitations to host other showcases such as Diwali Night for Association of Students from India, International Night for International Students Association, etc.

Families within the community asked me to tutor their children during my free time. I also helped my classmates and many underclassmen better their academic performance, in difficult subjects such as Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering courses, etc. In short, although I majored in Electrical Engineering, my ability to convey, demonstrate, reason, and illustrate messages are very strong. I also have a brightly burn flame of passion in having high quality conversations, and it pleases me to no end if I can help people to effectively communicate, be it in English or in Vietnamese! Although you have to agree with me, you cannot have a compelling conversation in English if you have not mastered the language... Well, I am more than willing to help!

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