Natalie Duong

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Address London, United Kingdom
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Birthday: 1990
Gender: Female
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Nationality: British/English
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Expected Location: Hải Phòng, Hà Nội, Bắc Ninh, Hải Dương, Hưng Yên, Nam Định, Thái Bình, Thanh Hóa
Expected Salary: $18-$20 per hour (negotiable)


Dear Recruiter,

In my past education I have always luckily been taught by passionate teachers who inspired me to love all my subjects, and to become a teacher myself. This started from as early as I can remember, and since GCSEs, I have always taken education seriously. I have acquired 11 GCSEs, all of which are A-C grades including English literature & language, science and mathematics.
In my years spent at Shooters Hill 6th form college; my love and inspiration for art and literature continued to grow. I acquired 3 A levels; A,B,B and carried on to further my education in a new city.

In my 3 year course at the University of Liverpool, I achieved a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Communication Studies graduating with a 2:2. Besides it being academically challenging, it was also inspiring, intriguing and I found myself thoroughly enjoying my time at the University.  It taught a range of modules; ranging from Shakespeare, Victorian literature, graphic novel literature and the economics of the media industry, as well as the development of cinematography.

As a customer service assistant (CSA) and a residential adviser (RA), I completed many training courses, which I accomplished with an over 90% scoring.
This involved training courses such as the following (all completed in March 2016):

  • Stepping into Management (two day training course)
  • Training Information Security (online course)
  • Recruitment and Selection (online course)
  • Data Protection Act (online course)
  • Mental Health First Aid (two day training course)
  • First Aid (two day training course)
  • TEFL UK (pass)

Note: Please see my resume for more information.



I am a native English speaker from London; United Kingdom and have acquired many assets such as: a combined BA Hons in English Literature and Communication Studies, I have completed my online 150 hour course, inclusive of 6 full length videos with in depth teaching demonstrations in the classroom; I have a firm and fluent grasp of the English language. I am enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate about teaching as I have always wanted to travel; explore various cultures, teach English while also learning about my ethnic identities and languages.

My teaching experience involves my voluntary teaching in Cambodia with Hope Agency, where I assisted in many classes ranging from ages 4-18, and taught my own class between ages 4-8. I built a strong rapport with my students as well as my Cambodian assistants whom were just as passionate and committed.  I have always strongly believed that teaching is a beautifully fundamental and fun gift that every individual has the right to access, and to give something so effective and influential back to the community has always been an ambition of mine.

While I was a resident adviser at the University of Liverpool, one of our main duties was to promote social events, ensure their safety and act as a 'senior friend' as student welfare was our priority. However, in that year of looking after my students; I would take out the extra time to help tutor my international students. This could range from an hour to three hours a day, teaching them the linguistics and syntax, both verbally and written. However, in return, many of my Chinese students taught me about their traditions, culture and language. Our conversations never failed to be entertaining.

As an activity leader, I held a similar role where I helped a range of international students perfect their English with pronunciations and understanding syntax. I also produced reports on all my students, reporting back on individual levels, where and how to improve in terms of what learning technique to use. As activity leaders we would also share our ideas, suggest changes where it was needed, ensuring it was kept fun and innovative.

Note: Please see my resume for more information.

Yours faithfully.

Natalie Duong

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