Maria Woodcock

Last Resume Update 29/01/2019
Address Hull, United Kingdom
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Birthday: 1995
Gender: Female
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Nationality: British
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Teaching Experience 0 - 1 year
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh
Expected Salary: 22
What’s your highest level of education completed? Bachelor's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) CELTA


I have a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Hull from 2013 - July 2017.

I completed my CELTA teaching qualification in Lyon, France from October 2018 - November 2018.


During my CELTA, I had the opportunity to develop my teaching skills to make the learning process more student-centred. This helped a great deal, as it allowed the students to grasp the language much quicker than academic-centred learning, as it was functional and related to an interesting subject. For example, when I taught a systems class, I focused on the functional language of asking and receiving directions.

I opened the class by asking the well-travelled students to chat in pairs about a time they were lost in an unknown city. This encouraged the students to speak together in English about a place they visited in the past. It also relieved the pressure on students to come up with a story on the spot when asked straight away by the teacher. It instead gives them  time to ruminate and practice their English with their peers first; making them feel more comfortable practising speaking in a foreign language.

I then displayed the functional language on the board e.g. 'could you tell me how to get to...' and 'how do I get to...' along with the intonation marks and drilled the pronunciation. I then displayed the answers on the board e.g. 'turn right' with an arrow next to each direction, for the students to visualise better. I left this on the board for the speaking activity, as it helped the students to find the correct answer themselves, rather than be told directly by the teacher.

I then introduced hands-on speaking activity, in which I put the students into pairs and provided them with a simplistic map each. Both maps had different buildings already labelled e.g. 'post office' and the pairs would take turns asking the questions provided underneath e.g. 'how do I get to the post office please?' The next student would then use the phrases on the board to direct their partners to the correct building. The students then took turns asking for directions, and the first group to finish labelling both maps, won a small prize each.


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