Jessica Spencer

Last Resume Update 13/06/2018
Address Hanoi, Viet Nam
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Birthday: 1995
Gender: Female
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Nationality: South African
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Expected Location: Hà Nội
Expected Salary: 20+


Good Day

My name is Jessica Spencer, I am a qualified Foundation phase teacher, having completed a 4 year teaching degree at Embury Institute for Higher Education.  I have spent a total of two years teaching from grade R to grade 3, all lessons.  I am passionate about teaching and take pride in getting my students to understand the concept I am teaching them.

I am a warm, friendly person that ensures my lessons are interactive and creative which allows the students to think independently.

I look forward to hearing from you for any positions that may be available in Hanoi.

thank you



My work experience to date:-

I have taught from grade R to grade 3 throughout the 4 year degree - half the year was dedicated to practical training in a classroom where I had to prepare the lesson, teach and ensure the class was involved and interested throughout. I was assessed at the end of the lesson by the teacher or examiner.

I have also taught at a reading center assisting children of all ages to develop and improve reading and grammar. These students had reading difficulties and I had to assist them in acquiring the skills to read.

I Au Paired for a family with two small children whom I would fetch from school, assist with homework and projects as well as prepare creative activities for them.

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