Jeff Mathieson

Last Resume Update 27/11/2017
Address Regina, Canada
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Birthday: 1964
Gender: Male
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Nationality: Canadian
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Expected Salary: 25


I am very interested in living and teaching in Vietnam. I have no desired location to work but I wish to work for a reputable school that has high standards for education.

I am a very experienced educator.

  • 13 years in Deaf Education (kindergarten to post-secondary)
  • 4 years in Canada (kindergarten to grade 12)
  • 5 years in Korea (kindergarten, elementary, business, adult)
  • 4 years in China ( international high school)

I am an experienced  administrator/principal

  • 3 years principal of private Christian school in Canada
  • 2 years Academic Director/principal of kindergarten and language academy.
  • 1 year academic director of teaching Korean teachers how to teach English in Korea
  • 4 years Canadian high school principal in China

I have had great success in education

  • top kindergarten language school in Korea
  • fast academic growth of a school in Canada

I have written my own English program

  • for beginning English reading/phonics/writing/listening
  • proven very successful

I like to

  • spend time in nature
  • read
  • watch movies
  • travel

I am

  • single
  • active and in good shape
  • willing to go to Vietnam
  • wishing to stay many years
  • wanting to contribute to a school

I want

  • an administration job such as Academic Service Manager/Kindergarten Principal
  • a quality teaching assignment
  • an opportunity to stay many years
  • an opportunity to advance

Why I want to go to Vietnam

  • I like the climate. I have been to the Philippines and enjoyed the tropical climate
  • I like Vietnamese food
  • It is a fast developing country
  • English Education is rapidly improving
  • The salary is very good when compared income to expenses
  • Vietnamese people have a reputation to be very friendly and hospitable

I am available for an interview anytime and I am available to start anytime (depending on visa issues of course).

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