Jay Kong

Last Resume Update 07/03/2019
Address Ozamiz, Philippines
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Birthday: 1978
Gender: Male
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Nationality: Philippino
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Teaching Experience > 2 years
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh, Hà Nội
Expected Salary: $18-22/hour
What’s your highest level of education completed? Master's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) I don't have a TEFL certification, I'm willing to become TEFL certified


  1. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (Arranged according to year graduated)


College : Bachelor of Arts in English (A.B.-English)

Graduated, October 2015

Medina College, Ozamiz City



Professional Regulation Commission : Phil. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)

Pagadian City Regional Office in Secondary Education

Philippines August 17, 2014

Rating: PASSED, Licensed Professional Teacher


College : Bachelor in Secondary Education 

Major in Biological Sciences

Graduated, October 2014

Medina College, Ozamiz City



Professional Regulation Commission : Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE)

Cagayan de Oro City Regional Office November 29-30, 2009

Philippines Rating: PASSED, Licensed Nurse


Graduate School  :  Master in Nursing (MN)

(Post-Graduate Degree) Graduated, March 2009

Medina College, Ozamiz City



College : Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Graduated, March 2007

Medina College, Ozamiz City



College : Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy

Graduated, October 2000

Medina College, Ozamiz City



Secondary : High School 

Graduated, March 1995

Immaculate Conception College-La Salle

Ozamiz City, Philippines


Primary : Elementary

Graduated, March 1990

Immaculate Conception College-La Salle

Ozamiz City, Philippines




  1. Date: June 2018- present

Position: School Nurse (Full time)

Company: Medina College

Job description:

  • Provides expertise, preventive services and oversight of school health services
  • Promotes health education
  • Advocates for the physical, emotional, mental and social health of students both in College and Basic Education Department to foster health & ensure educational success


  1. Date: August 2018 - present

Position PESO Manager Designate / Scholarship Coordinator

Company DOLE / Medina College

Job Description:

  • Prepares scholarship application process for students and coordinates scholarship application reading and scoring.
  • Acts as liaison between faculty/staff, students and the public to provide information and resources regarding scholarship activities and programs.
  • Implements, coordinates, directs and maintains scholarship program, including preparation of new scholarship agreements, maintenance and monitoring of existing scholarship agreements and maintaining regular contact with donors and students.


III. Date: June 2017 - Present

Position: College/HS Instructor 

Company: Medina College

Job description:

  • Teaches English, Sciences & Education subjects both in college and high school departments


  1. IV. Date: June 2015 - May 2017

Position: OIC/Principal, Basic Education Department 

(Elementary & High School)

Company: Medina College

Job description:

  • Supervised and facilitated the daily operations of both elementary & high school operations
  • Collaborated with other school district and state education officials (Department of Education) for updates and/or trend in the education system
  • Implementedacademic goals and curricula
  • Allocated financial assistance to other sectors
  • Lead & supervised with stress on the improvement of teaching & learning


  1. Date: June 2015 - May 2017

Position: Subject Teacher, Junior & Senior High School (Part-time)

College Instructor (Part-time)

Company: Medina College

Job description:

  • Taughtthe following subjects

Junior High  : Biology, Chemistry, & Physics

Senior High : Humanities & Social Sciences

College : English, Education subjects


  1. VI. Date: June 29, 2010 - December 30, 2010

Position: Customer Assistance Specialist

Account: General Motors, USA

Company: Convergys Services Philippines Corporation

46 Diliman Commercial Center

Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City


Job description:

  • Answered inbound calls as well as assisted customer who have specific inquiries
  • Providedpersonalized customer service of the highest level, customer satisfaction
  • Did follow up client calls with clerical duties which included faxing, filling up paperwork, doing checks on credit references as well as liaising with other departments
  • Analyzed the various parts of a problem properly and develop logical solutions.


VII. Date: February 03 - May 31, 2010

Position: Private Nurse

Company: Private practice

Job description:

  • Safety was the utmost concern for this COPD patient with emphysema. I provided quality patient care like giving medications on time, nebulization, chest therapy, administered oxygen therapy when necessary, comfort measures and prescribed proper exercise to improve breathing.


VIII. Date: January - June 2004

Position: Physical therapy (Volunteer)

Company: Medina General Hospital

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Clinic


Ozamiz City, Philippines

Job description:

  • SupervisedPT interns in assessing & treating in/out patients
  • Assessment: utilizing basic techniques to determine patient’s condition, problems & needs such as performing a simple physical exam and involving the family & significant others in obtaining accurate information
  • Formulated short & long term goals, identified the appropriate management and prescribed the right exercise to maintain function.
  • Carriedout hygienic, comfort and safety measures
  • Gait training, performed transfer techniques & proper body mechanics
  • Determined through observation on emotional, social & spiritual factors which may influence the planned therapy


  1. IX. Home Care / Private Practices: (Nurse/Therapist)


Patient’s Name: Medical Case: Year:

Buenaventurada Kong Right hip fracture Nov.2012 - Dec. 2017

Panfilo Medina CVA / Stroke (CVA) / Nov. 2000 - Apr. 2001

Severina Lim Lymphoma / Chemotherapy / Jun. 2002 - Nov. 2002

Luzviminda Dagaas CVA / Stroke (CVA) / Jun. 2006 - Dec. 2006


Job description: Performed physical therapy management as per doctor’s order like doing initial evaluation to identify patient’s needs & problems; addressed his/her chief complaints; provided appropriate comfort & preventive measures; eliminated further injury, and taught them how to be independent in doing ADLs (Activities of daily living)

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