giulio fabbro

Last Resume Update 23/04/2019
Address London
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Birthday: 1992
Gender: Male
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Nationality: British
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Teaching Experience No Experience
Expected Salary: 20-25$/Hr
What’s your highest level of education completed? Bachelor's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) Online Class: I have a 120 hours certificate or more on my TEFL certification


My teaching experience mainly involves volunteering as an English teacher while in Zambia and Malawi. There I mainly taught children between the ages of 7 and 15. I had help from the homeroom teacher, but had little knowledge of the complexities involved with maintaining a classes attention and taking advantage of various learning styles.

I also tutored small groups of Italian students in Maths, English, and Physics over the last few years. In this case, I never taught a class larger than 5 people at a time and found the work challenging but rewarding in both cases


My interest in teaching started during my first years of University. Whenever I got bored of studying physics my go-to subject was Neuropsychology, with a  focus on cognitive neurology and the mechanisms through which animals learn new material.

This subsequently made me interested in different approaches used to teach children of various ages, and how these methods correlate with the development of the brain as a child grows. I have been interested in different teaching approaches and the pros and cons of each style.

This year I managed to get my 180Hr TEFL certificate, and hoped to use it to gain experience teaching.

I am aware that I have little experience, and do not intend to revolutionize the methods used in schools I might be working in. I hope to one day gain enough experience to distinguish between the theory and practice of teaching methods, and one day create my individual teaching style.

I am also aware of the impact a good teacher can have on a student's life and hope to be able to inspire my students.

I owe them the best performance I can give them as a teacher. I am aware that I must give 110%

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