Emily Carr

Last Resume Update 02/07/2018
Address Wakefield, United Kingdom
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Birthday: 1994
Gender: Female
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Nationality: British
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh, Cần Thơ, Đà Nẵng, Hải Phòng, Hà Nội
Expected Salary: 20


I have recently obtained a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in Primary Education with an additional module dedicated to TESOL, at the University of Huddersfield, England (2014-2017).  My main aim is pursue a career working as a TEFL teacher, of which I am hoping to undergo my CELTA qualification within the next 9 months, whilst located in Vietnam. 

Throughout College, I received grade B qualifications in England Language, Media Studies, Drama Studies and General Studies (2010-2012). Whilst in High School, I obtained 13 GCSE qualifications ranging from grades A-C.

Further education I have received is a certificate in Safeguarding Young People and also in Food Hygiene. I have also got a Level 2 Certificate in Cabin Crew.


I have worked 1:1 as a personal tutor prior to starting my BA degree however during my three years at University I underwent intensive training where I taught in Primary Schools. This meant I had to plan and provide lesson plans and resources for classes of 30 children, aged between four to 12 years old. Once I had delivered each lessons, I had to create a self evaluation to ensure that I developed as a trainee teacher whilst taking onboard critiques from my supervisor and the development of the children. 

I currently volunteer weekly at my local Youth Centre where I mainly provide help and support for troubled young people. Usually, this entails offering engaging activities and advice to young people who need it to ensure their education and family life are not effected by issues they may be dealing with. 

I have also volunteered with The Moldovan Project in 2013, based within an orphanage in Chisinau where I was giving children attention, whilst creating engaging activities for them to participate in whilst teaching them basic conversational English. 

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