Arianne Isagon

Last Resume Update 16/07/2018
Address Manila, Philippines
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Birthday: 1989
Gender: Female
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Nationality: Other
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh, Đà Nẵng, Hà Nội, Bắc Ninh
Expected Salary: 25


Bachelor of Secondary Education - Major in English Language and Literature

Saint Michael’s College of Laguna |Biñan, Laguna|2013

PRC Licensure Examination for Teachers | Sept 2013 Board Passer


Upper Primary School - Young Investigators Teacher – International School

  • provide learning experience that seeks to give students the chance to integrate their knowledge from different areas of learning
  • develop lessons which let students apply them in real life situations.
  • create learning experiences which boost students’ understanding to allow them develop critical and creative thinking skills and the abilities to work together

Upper Primary School - English Teacher | International School

Bina Bangsa School | Malang Indonesia | July 2015

  • teaching all areas of the P5 & P6 English curriculum
  • taking responsibility for the progress of a class
  • organising the classroom and learning resources and creating displays
  • planning, preparing and presenting lessons that cater for the needs of the whole ability range
  • motivating pupils with enthusiastic, imaginative presentation
  • preparing and marking work to facilitate positive pupil development
  • meeting requirements for the assessment and recording of pupils' development
  • providing feedback to parents on a pupil's progress
  • organising and taking part in school events, outings and activities

Upper Primary School - English Teacher | English Department Coordinator – International School

Bina Bangsa School | Malang Indonesia | July 2016

  • supporting colleagues in the delivery of this specialist area
  • working with others to plan and coordinate work
  • keeping up to date with changes and developments in the structure of the curriculum;
  • liaising with colleagues and working flexibly, particularly in smaller schools
  • observing colleague’s lessons and providing feedback
  • checking and maintaining quality on colleague’s lesson plans, test papers and worksheets
  • leading the department for a successful curriculum implementation
  • holding relevant events regarding English Day Celebration
  • serve on academic and administrative committees that review and recommend policies, make budget decisions, or advise on hiring and promotions within their department

Cambridge Checkpoint Head Trainer

Bina Bangsa School | Malang Indonesia | July 2015 - 2017

• plan revisions for Cambridge Checkpoint for both Primary 5 & 6

Winter Camp English Teacher

Gyeongnam Provincial Namhae College | Nambyunli, Gyeongnam, South Korea | Jan 2013

  • elucidate competence in teaching English as Foreign Language
  • create lesson plans for English Winter Camp
  • provide supplementary training in learning foreign language
  • guide students in speaking, writing, reading and listening English
  • check student’s daily journal
  • assign and check student’s assignment
  • facilitate learning of the foreign language
  • immerse oneself with the cultural exchange

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