Aleksei Sukhanov

Last Resume Update 10/12/2018
Address Ivanovo, Russia
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Birthday: 1991
Gender: Male
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Nationality: Other
Where are you living? Outside Viet Nam
Teaching Experience No Experience
Expected Location: Hồ Chí Minh, Hà Nội
Expected Salary: 13
What’s your highest level of education completed? Bachelor's Degree
ESL Certification (TEFL, TESOL) I don't have a TEFL certification, I'm willing to become TEFL certified


Higher education:

2009-2014 - Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Major: external economic activity. GPA: 4.1

Professional development courses:

2016-2021  - I have been studying Spanish for 12 months over the span of 2 years with Baselang, Albert-learning and Spanishplusweb.
2013-2020  I have been learning English on a daily basis with English Central, Albert-learning and EF up to C1 since February 2013 with breaks.
06.2018 - Media assistant at the FIFA World Cup 2018.
I have worked in the Media Center (gave keys for lockers, created a presentation, calculated statistical indicators every hour, assisted with printing issues), on the Media Tribune during the match (helped press and photographers finding their seats, connect to the internet), at the gate (calculated the number of entrances and exits of people with different types of accreditations).
Result: a positive reference from my team leader and an Organizing Committee (LOC).
2016 Volunteering project, internship in Nairobi, Kenya
11.2016 - 12.2016 - Assistant of Marketing Manager (National Support Team, online).

I have created the general value proposition map, delivered the survey to 10 customers, created several Facebook publications in the group. The term was for 45 days with the goal to enhance awareness about the entity and take the feedback from interns.

Result: a positive reference from my team leader.

05.2016 - 06.2016 - Communication Manager in AIESEC in Kenya (Nairobi)

Social media marketing plan creation, national conference attendance. Participation in the planning week for the term. Started creation publications on Facebook and Instagram.

Result: Expelled out without any official document, compensation and confirmation that I worked there (the term duration is 1 year).

05.2014 - 04.2015 - Member/Team Leader of an organization AIESEC Ivanovo.

Assisted in the organization of an event "New Year's Eve" with 12 interns from 5 different countries. Attended Local Committee meetings and the forum "YouLead". My major responsibilities were to increase the number of exchanges in my city and awareness amongst the youth of my city. Result: It was done with a lot of space for an improvement. The local committee was closed in June 2015 due to financial instability when I was on the professional internship in India.

07.2014 - 09.2014 - Intern of AIESEC Global Community Development Program

Results: 1. Increased cultural awareness about Indian society, attended local events. 2. Lived together with orphanage children and worked with interns from 6 countries. 3. Improved my English proficiency. 4. Understood the differences between different nations in a multicultural environment. 5. Attended the "Global village" and Youth2Business forum.




Work experience:

11. 2011 — 02.2018 - Freelance websites. Marketing and sales specialist.

I had only several clients periodically over these years. Arranged 6 appointments with supply managers in Moscow for the client from India ( Collaborated with to arrange 10 appointments before the client arrived in Russia. Have written various articles in the Russian language for landing pages and description of products during these years (average 1- 3 articles per month). When I was employed, I had no projects.

Result: I was able to work with different people, but it was a big challenge for me to find clients on a regular basis. Some of my clients gave me the space to improve the quality of my work.

03.2016 — 05.2016 - Marketing and sales manager in Zarka ltd., Ivanovo,

It is a private organization which produces knitwear, stores it in the warehouse and sells it online. I managed the campaign in Yandex Direct, optimized conversion rate. I also have done phone calls for one week to learn the sales principles of this organization. Result: I have finished this work due to my departure to Kenya.

09.2015 - 01.2016 - Marketing and Sales Assistant in Ancient India (Vishakhapatnam, India). Certified Organic Food Products distribution with the website

It was an AIESEC internship. Done 30 business connections at the international fair in Kochin, Kerala. Created the presentation of my own perception of the brand development. Generated the list of 700 leads to promote organic tea and coffee at the Indian market (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala). Arranged international appointments in UAE for the owner. I have visited local Youth2Business forum organized by AIESEC and travelled across the South of India in my spare time.

Result: The contract was terminated and was suggested to improve more on quality service relations with other people and clients.

04.2015 - 08.2015 - Sales and Marketing Assistant in Kidihou Children's Museum.

The Children`s Museum was designed to uncover the creative potential of every kid. I have taken an AIESEC internship. I had taken photos of children's events and created 3-4 publications on Facebook every week. Attended the local events "Happy streets" where I have recorded small videos and prepared my sales presentation.

Result: Despite that, I was expelled for no official reason and the quality of my work can be improved dramatically, I learned a lot about the environment where I lived and the way this business operates in India.

11.14 - 04.15 - Marketing manager in 37 Tekstil (Ivanovo, Russia).

I worked for a company which provides affordable textile for hotels and hostels I managed an online advertising campaign in Yandex Direct (beginner) to increase the number of leads by 20%.

Result: A positive reference and an offer to enrol for a marketing course.

05.14 - 07.14 - Sales manager in Stil-Teks LTD (Ivanovo, Russia).

Received a bulk order for textile products with the amount of 500.000 rubles with the assistance of a sales director. Made 4 sales contracts with clients. Worked in the development department where I made phone calls to potential customers to sell linens of different materials.

Result: the endorsement letter from the director of the company.

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