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Location Hải Phòng
Date Posted Today
Category Academic English
Administrative & Academic Management
Corporate Business English Training
General English
International Exams
Job Type Full-time
Are you willing to accept and support teachers outside for their application? (Due to COVID-19 pandemic) Yes
Nationality of candidate: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, New Zealand
Experience > 5 years
Candidate Requirements Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Advanced Graduate work or Ph.D, TEFL certification, CELTA, DELTA, Master Degree in TESOL (or equivalent)
Where is the employer located: Hải Phòng
Salary: 5000$



  1. Instructional Supervision and Staff Development:
  • Effectively supervises instructional performance of the professional staff through frequent and ongoing observation
  • Identifies staff members whose performance is marginal and develops appropriate instructional improvement programs
  • Provides appropriate opportunities for the staff to increase curricular and instructional expertise
  • Provides assistance to the professional staff in developing effective classroom management and discipline techniques
  • Monitors team teaching activities and coordinates student grouping
  • Leads the orientation of new teachers
  • Develops instructional coaching program based on the school needs


  1. Curriculum Development, Supervision and Evaluation:
  • Utilizes test results in analyzing program effectiveness and identifying areas needing improvement
  • Participates in the review and/or recommends for approval of all textbooks and curriculum materials
  • Supports teams with grade-level curriculum development and refinement
  • Supports individual teachers with unit and lesson-level curriculum development and refinement
  • Ensures curriculum alignment from Grade 1-10
  • Ensures all curriculum documentation is warehoused and manages individual access to documentation
  • Liaises with the Head of Vietnamese program on curriculum alignment and student concerns
  • Ensures all curriculum documentation is appropriately communicated and sharing is coordinated between teams and support staff
  • Ensures materials and supplies support curriculum and programming
  • Regularly evaluates the alignment of written curriculum with International Student Program Philosophy of teaching and learning
  • Ensures that the curriculum is properly differentiated


  1. Other Administrative Duties
  • Implements school policies pertaining to teaching and learning
  • Contributes to the school’s strategic development plan
  • Participates in recruiting new teachers and assistant teachers
  • Contributes to the creation of the annual school calendar
  • Provides pastoral care of all students, including supporting parents with pastoral issues
  • Liaises with Head of School in regard to any student with Learning Support needs
  • Oversees the discipline of the students
  • Serves as a key member of the administrative team
  • Supports the administration in key initiatives like coordinating field trips, scheduling
  • Coordinates external assessments, supports parent communication, and school events
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School


REQUIREMENTS Qualifications

● Master Degree or equivalent

● Degree in Education related discipline (administration, management or curriculum development)

● Updated training in relevant areas of expertise Experiences

● A minimum of five years of successful teaching experience, at least three years in a similar position

● Ability to relate to the students, professional staff, parents/guardians, and members of the community

● Ability to evaluate instructional program and teaching effectiveness

● Ability to coordinate campus support operations

● Ability to implement policy and procedures

● Ability to interpret data

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