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MERCURY EDUCATION is founded on July 14, 2015; granted by the Department of Investment and Plan of Ho Chi Minh City. Our maxim in working is “Our quality is the base to build reliability”; therefore, our staffs always put quality goal on the top. Also, our teachers are all strictly recruited and passed many interviews.

Our wish is for all the Vietnamese students to get the modern and effective teaching method, and enhance communication ability as well and English knowledge. We guarantee to our clients about teaching quality as well as the nationality of our teachers (including US, UK, Aus, Can, etc.)

Currently, MERCURY EDUCATION has supplied to schools, English centers and businesses,… Our main partners is Primary and Secondary schools.


Mercury Education & Training Co., LTD has become the reliable and qualified center of supplying native English teachers in Vietnam; the first choice of clients.


Create an English teacher team with following qualities:

  • Having pronunciation standard and teaching ability
  • Enthusiastic, active, polite and professional
  • Conscientious and responsible

Mercury Education aims our teacher into the philosophy “Passion – Profession”. The teachers have to be surely professional; specific knowledge and teaching ability. But that is not all, Mercury Education wants to make the teachers feel that Vietnam is their second hometown, so that they would live and work by their heart. Their passion will help them teach in an enthusiastic manner and share their knowledge to students as well.

Our staffs’ criteria

– Passionate – Honest – Knowledgeable – Confident – Respectful

Mercury Education always aims all staffs to the living and working style of discipline. Living and working in discipline, routine and progress will benefit one’s self and the company. “People of discipline” Mercury Education is the integration of individuals and a group, of responsibility and  colleague-ship, respect and care. All for the best opportunity to develop and the mutual benefit.


Mercury Education is the business that work mainly in supplying English teachers (whose mother tongue is English) for schools, English centers in Vietnam. We ensure our teacher’s quality through many processes from recruitment to manage and supply teacher. Our teachers all have universally recognised qualifications, as well as professional styles and passion in teaching. Mercury Education promises to be the reliable partner to help increasing English training quality as well as reputation for schools and centers.

Mercury Education has many advantages to offer such as:

  • Communication course focusing on  LISTENING and SPEAKING skills by the world’s top education organization, and parallel with main courses of Vietnamese.
  • Students are taught in a professional, active and effective environment with 100% native English teachers.
  • High quality but optimized prices
  • Getting support and consulting from staffs

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