Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-native English speakers apply for jobs?

Some employers will require native English speaking candidates on their job listings, however those who speak English as another language both fluently and clearly are also considered in many of the roles directly employed through Vietnam Teaching Jobs. When children learn English it is vital they understand the teacher, in order to successfully learn. Native Speaking countries often consist of: Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, Ireland, New Zealand, or South Africa. Whilst they are not limiting to these countries, those from the listed countries have a common and easy to understand accent.

Do I need a degree?

A bachelors degree or greater can be a requirement for most of the jobs listings on the VTJ website. However, there are jobs available where a degree is not required. The main reason for this is to do with work permits; those with a degree will have less costs than those without for work permits. International schools and Language Centers generally all require a degree – public schools and other institutions will provide more opportunities for those without degrees, however expect less of a salary for these roles.


Any widely recognized teaching certification is important on a CV and again, usually a requirement for most employers. Similar to degrees, there are some job postings that does not require any teaching certification. However, these are more commonly available to acquire through either online courses or centers for gaining certifications in Vietnam and will be a necessary investment if you are spending a longer period of time in Vietnam or any other country that has a large English teaching community.

What if I don’t have any experience teaching?

To not have any experience teaching is not always a major issue. Use your CV and interviews to highlight any experience you have had with children in general. Having traits such as patience, confidence and passion for teaching are all extremely important can aid any lack of experience. Those without experience can expect to take a demo class to see how they handle the students in a classroom scenario. For those who are concerned about their lack of experience, volunteering or using popular sites such as workaway will provide valuable experience and generally carries little to no cost.

Is there an age limit on applying for jobs?

There is no real age limit on the age of teachers. Some jobs may have an age requirement, but these tend to be for kindergarten level. In terms of a minimum age, is 18 or above. This may change for certain jobs that require degrees, where the minimum age may be raised to 21 years old.

How can I extend my VISA?

In order to extend your VISA or gain a work permit, please see the Work Visa Process section.

Do you offer online teaching vacancies?

We do offer online teaching vacancies, but this is currently still in the small minority.

Finding accommodation/ more information about teaching in Vietnam…

Please visit our blog posts to find out some information your experience in Vietnam.

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