4 most searched health insurance packages for foreigners

Health insurance for foreigners is an extremely necessary health financial solution. Are you an expat living and teaching English in Vietnam? If yes, this article is made just for you! Scroll down and read to see which insurance package is necessary and appropriate for yourself when living in Vietnam.

Health insurance for foreigners- Bao Viet An Gia

Some highlights of Bao Viet An Gia health insurance package

– The basic fee is only from 32,000 VND/day.

– Coverage for a wide range of territories throughout Vietnam.

– Diversify the age from 15 days to 60 years old and 65 years old for people who continuously renew from 55 years old.

– Direct participation, no medical examination required.

– Basic insurance benefits up to 454 million VND/person/year.

– Includes 5 different insurance plans for customers to choose from Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.

– Integrate many optional additional benefits according to needs: accident, life, dental, maternity, and outpatient.

– Links with more than 90 international and public hospitals: Viet Phap, Vinmec, .. across the country.

– Allow guaranteeing hospital fees.

– Don’t waste time collecting claim files.

– Fast, accurate compensation within 15 working days.

Why choose Bao Viet An Gia health insurance?

– Insurance package of Bao Viet company – the most prestigious insurance company in the market.

– The insurance package has a relatively low fee in the market.

– Can choose to buy for the whole family for middle-income people.

– Suitable for companies that buy in bulk for mid-level employees.

– Benefits are sufficient to treat common diseases in international and public hospitals in Vietnam.

Health insurance for foreigners- Bao Viet Intercare

– Basic fee of 27,000 VND/day.

– Wide coverage by territory according to customer needs: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Asia (except USA and Canada),

– No need to have a medical examination before applying for insurance

– Guarantee hospital fees for both inpatient and outpatient.

– Diversified insurance benefits, suitable for each need: in addition to mandatory inpatient treatment, there are optional additional benefits: outpatient insurance due to illness/accident, personal accident insurance benefits Personal insurance, life insurance, dental insurance benefits, maternity insurance, insurance to support international students, ….

– Insurance benefit limit up to 10 billion VND/year

– Be examined and treated at the leading prestigious hospitals in Vietnam and the world with more than 150 affiliated hospitals.

– Emergency medical transportation and repatriation in Vietnam or abroad.

– 100% of the insurance limit is paid. There is no copay for children under 3 years old like other health insurance plans. For example, Bao Viet An Gia insurance applies to pay 70% for children under 3 years old.

Reasons to choose Baoviet Intercare health insurance

– Is the insurance package of Bao Viet company – the most prestigious insurance company in Vietnam market.

– The benefit limit is enough to pay hospital fees at international hospitals that are famous for their quality of doctors and modern medical equipment.

– Wide choice of treatment coverage in leading countries around the world depending on the insurance plan selected by the customer.

– Easily respond to treatment at the hospital of your country of nationality.

– This is the insurance package that I recommend you buy the most. Let’s deduct 1$ for health every day!

Health insurance for foreigners- Ultracare

– Very high benefit payment limit, enough to treat serious diseases in countries with the most advanced medical services

– Global coverage, allowing customers to access modern medical services at home and abroad

– Pay the full cost of cancer treatment.

– Emergency or non-urgent medical transportation for the insured’s cases having to go abroad for inpatient, outpatient or day treatment.

– Package of periodic health check-ups and screenings up to 1,000 USD/year, including examination and vaccination costs.

– Direct payment service for global boarding expenses. Besides guaranteeing outpatient expenses in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia

– Red Service 24/7 – Emergency security assistance and rescue solution in life-threatening situations

– Accept scanned copy of compensation document sent via email (email) without asking for VAT red invoice.

– Accepting medical examination and treatment costs at private clinics within the insured territory.

Reasons to choose Ultracare health insurance

– This is a cooperation program to protect and take care of health between Baoviet Insurance and Aetna International

– Insurance has a high premium, but in return, the insurance benefit limit is among the most superior of the insurance packages on the market.

– Create maximum conditions in the process of offloading claim procedures for customers at any geographical coordinates within the insurance territory.

– Free insurance for 2nd, 3rd and 4th children under 18 years old. This is a great benefit that customers can consider

Health insurance for foreigners Liberty Healthcare

Liberty HealthCare Premium Health Insurance gives you complete peace of mind with a variety of unique features and optional benefits. Preferential policies for groups and families and elective benefits are guaranteed to suit your needs.

Some highlights of Liberty Healthcare’s health insurance package

– Insurance for both illness and accident for customers.

– Medical examination and treatment in Vietnam or abroad according to the scope of insurance.

– Global emergency medical assistance by International SOS.

– Free periodic health check and vaccination.

– There is no limit on treatment costs or hospital days in the contract.

– Full coverage of surgery, cancer treatment, ambulance services, organ transplants and nursing home care services.

– Emergency medical transportation and repatriation in Vietnam or abroad.

– No restrictions on waiting time for special diseases

– There is no limit to the number of visits and the cost of each medical examination.

– Flexible options with hospital, outpatient, maternity and dental insurance depending on customer needs.

Reasons to use Liberty Healthcare health insurance plan

– Is a product of Liberty Healthcare insurance company, an insurance company with a long history of establishment and reputation in the market.

– Free periodic health check-up for foreign customers wishing to screen for diseases.

Pacific Cross health insurance – Toan My program

Pacific Cross’s All America Plan is designed for customers who want affordable, universally covered medical care whenever they need it. This plan also offers a wide range of flexible medical benefits that meet your healthcare needs in the most convenient way.

The advantages of Pacific Cross health insurance All America program

– Freedom to choose doctors and hospitals

– Guaranteed renewal of insurance regardless of age, health condition or location

– Insurance for recreational sports activities, alternative medicine

– Wide network of hospitals/clinics with direct payments throughout Vietnam

– There are basic, intermediate and advanced packages for you to choose freely

– You can choose more dental benefits to suit your needs

– Discount when registering for group health insurance

– 24/7 emergency help service

The cost of Pacific Cross health insurance:

The premium of this plan varies depending on the basic, intermediate or advanced plan, inpatient or outpatient as well as the age of the insured.

In addition, you can also get a discount of up to 20% when you sign up for group health insurance. However, premiums for outpatient benefits are charged separately.

Hopefully with this article about some popular insurance packages, VTJ could provide some valuable information to our teachers and employers!


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To have good luck is a skill Not knowing how to seize opportunities is also a form of incompetence.