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BA English Literature

I have taught and/or trained at nearly all of the restaurants, in which, I have worked.  I have been a corporate trainer and coach as well.  I have not only been the leader in a classroom setting, but I have been responsible for creating all training materials, workbooks, exercises, and SOP's (standard operating procedures) for many restaurants.

In addition, I taught while I was studying for my degree.



Being a leader in the restaurant industry, there are opportunities to teach on a daily basis. Staying active throughout a restaurant, you encounter hundreds of people.  It could be a staff member or a guest that needs your knowledge and leadership.  Sometimes it is ideal to grasp those teaching opportunities immediately.  Other times it is best to take a note and capitalize later.  Education is not dictated.  It requires a knowledgeable, eloquent and creative sender as well as an alert, perceptive receiver.  If the lesson is not acquired, knowledge has not been transferred.  The teaching moment has been missed.

I articulate this because it showcases the parallels between a restaurant and classroom.  Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for education to be taught or lost.  Creating the right time and atmosphere for education is very important.  Sometimes a lesson plan isn't as pertinent as you expected.  The children or staff are simply not enjoying it.  You must change the timing or environment in order for the lesson to be optimal.

I always want to see that "light bulb" in a child's eye.  That moment, they realize, they understand.  They get it.  To achieve that, you must be creative.

Teacher and student must connect.

My teaching philosophy uses the metaphor of a tree.  We are born with some innate wisdom or knowledge.  This lives within us as we are a seed.  As a small sapling begins to grow we feed it sunlight and water.  Small roots begin to develop.  As that sapling receives more water and sunlight, as a young child receives practical skills and education, it roots itself deeper and stronger.  These roots are the foundation of a child's learning.  They are the initial avenues of how that child learns.  The trunk is the confident knowledge and education that has become representative of this pupil.  As is grows, the branches of creativity become more and more numerous.  These branches are not only evidence or greater education, but they are also new boulevards of how that child can learn now.  As the foliage sprouts and falls, these leaves of shared ideas and knowledge return to the dirt to fertilize more confidence, creativity, skills, and education.

I don't see education as simply sharing knowledge.  It is more about discovering new ways for each student to learn.   Helping a student unveil new methods of learning, will help them absorb knowledge from many different mediums

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