Mark Vergel Dela Pena

Last Resume Update November 15, 2017
Address Manila, Philippines
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Birthday: 1987
Gender: Male
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Nationality: Philippines
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June 2004 -  March 2008                   Bachelor Degree in Education

                                                                     Major in English     

Philippine Normal University

Manila, Philippines               


June 2009 – March 2011                   Master in Education

                                                                     Major in Early Childhood Education

Philippine Normal University

Manila, Philippines



June 2015 – November 2015             Visual Graphic Design (Certificate)

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority


Manila, Philippines


February 2016 – August 2017                        English Language Teacher (Pre School ages 3 - 6)

Montessori Academy

Shanghai, People’s Republic of China


Job Description: Basically, my tasks is to teach phonics,

learn how to read new English words, helping students to read sight words and books that is appropriate to their ability and age. With the supervision of the lead teacher, I am also presenting Montessori materials to the students, help them how to use it properly and ensure that the purpose of the materials has been achieved. I am also assisting the lead teacher in all class activities during the day, and if needed, I am also taking over the class if the lead teacher is not present. I am also helping in preparing teaching materials and in maintaining the classroom.


Reason for leaving: Work Permit was unable to renew due

to new policy of Chinese Government in acquiring and renewing work permit for English Teacher.


June 2012 – March 2015                    English Teacher (Grades 4-6)

                                                              Art Teacher (Grade 4)

                                                              Computer Teacher (Grades 4-6)

Holy Family Academy – Elementary Department

Sto. Rosario, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines


Job Description: During my stay in this institution, I

served as a multi-tasking teacher to teach different subjects in different grade levels. Under the supervision of subject coordinators, I am preparing lesson plans and materials needed for each class. As an English Teacher, my basic tasks is to help students to learn English grammars and improve their listening, speaking, writing and reading ability.


As an art teacher, I am helping students to learn the basics fundamentals in art. I am also helping the students to explore different medium of arts and create their own portfolio.


As a Computer teacher, I am helping students to learn the basic concepts in computer. I am also helping them to learn word processing (word, excel, PowerPoint) up to creating websites using HTML.


Reason for leaving: School policy about religion was changed



May 2008  – May 2012                      Enlish Teacher (Grades 1-4)

Ladder of Success Montessori School

Mangino, Gapan City, Nueva Ecija Philippines


Job Description: Basically my tasks is to create lesson

plan and materials for each class. I am responsible in helping my students to learn and improve their abilities/skills in English language thru listening, reading, writing and speaking activity. Because I a teaching in multi grade level, I am ensuring that the activities are suited to their age level and ability. I am also responsible in assessing the students’ progress and prepare a progress report to be submitted to their class advisers.


Reason for leaving: The school owner decided to migrate in United States and close the school.

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