Iona du Plessis

Last Resume Update April 15, 2018
Address Hanoi, Viet Nam
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Skype name: iona.du.plessis
Birthday: 1988
Gender: Female
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Nationality: South African
Where are you living? Hà Nội
Expected Salary: $25/ Negotiable


Tertiary Education:

A.University of Hertfordshire
1. Qualification : BA degree (Hons) Education studies in Learning and Teaching

B. Global Language Training
1. Qualification : Master TEFL certificate
Focus : Young learners, Business English and CLIL

C. Isa Carstens Health and Skin Care Academy

1. Qualification : Diploma in Health and Skin Care

2. Qualification : Advanced Masters Diploma in Health and Skin Care

3. Qualification : EDEXCEL Bachelor of Technology Higher National Diploma
4. Qualification : Spa Therapies and Management Certificate

5. Qualification : SAAHSP

6. Qualification : CIDESCO

Secondary Education:
School Attended : Langenhoven Gimnasium
Highest Grade Passed : Grade 12
Year finished : 2006
Subjects :
English First Language HG
Afrikaans First Language HG
Biology HG
Business Economics HG
Computer Studies SG
Commercial Mathematics SG
Awards in school : Top 10 and top 5 academic position awards




  1. I Can Read (2017 – present)

Position                                   : English teacher

Duties                                      :Teaching English communication and pronunciation skills, creating lesson plans, completing assessments and reports, teaching students to read using a unique literacy based system.

  1. Dai Tu Elementary school (2017  - present)

Position                                   : English teacher

Duties                                      : Teaching English to grade 1 and 2 students. Creating lesson plans and assessing the students.

  1. Archimedes Kindergarten (2017- present)

Position                                   : Kindergarten English teacher

Duties                                      : Teaching English communication & pronunciation skills and                                    creating lesson plans.


  1. English in Focus – 2017

Position                                   : Elementary English teacher

Duties                                      : Teaching English communication & pronunciation skills and creating lesson plans.

  1. Enhance Tutoring – 2014

Position                                   : Tutor

Duties included                       : Teaching English and Afrikaans language to young learners and teenagers. Focus areas included one-on-one tutoring in reading, writing, spelling and speaking.




  1. Vital Consult - 2016

Position                                   :Broker product specialist and independent broker

Duties  included                      : Providing specialized training to brokers in financial products. Financial planning. Educating adults about financial planning and providing product training to other brokers. Marketing

  1. Old Mutual (2013 to 2015)

Position                                               : Financial Advisor

Duties included                                   : Educating adults about financial planning (group and individual presentations),  marketing and teamwork.



  1. Camelot Spa (2012 to 2013)

Position                                               : Spa Trainer and Assistant Spa Manager

Duties included                                   : Providing spa training to employees (including    theoretical and practical training).

Teamwork and performing therapy.

Assisting the spa manager with her managing duties and managing   the spa when she is not available.

  1. The Bay Skin Care Institution (2011 to 2012)

Position                                               : Senior Somatologist

Duties included                                   : Providing junior therapist training, client liaison, therapy and   teamwork.


  1. Sanctuary Spa (2010 to 2011)

Position                                               : Junior Somatologist

Duties included                                   : Client liaison, performing therapy and team work.

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