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With big dreams that will impact recruiting and seeking teaching jobs in Vietnam as Vietnamteachingjobs has been Founded in 2013 which We have expanded, grown, and morphed every year since.

We have continued our forward thinking approach applying it to job adverts, candidate matching, and of course job hunting.

Our mission:

Vietnamteachingjobs combines the various jos and resume within the recruiting process.

Our solution is delivered through employer and employee that provide the most efficient and effective recruiting solution.

Our mission is to become a website specialize in recruiting foreigner teachers who want to work in Vietnam as well as enabling organizations, school, foreign centre,….easily

to succeed by recruiting and hiring the right people.

  1. Consulting about employment, plocies related to foreign workers follow to the law of the Vietnam labor
  2. Collecting, analyzing and providing information about foreign teachers , job demands , labor standards, wages in location and country.
  3. Organizing, training and providing skills job, policy for foreign teacher and Recruiters in the country.
  4. Coordinating organization of consulting, job placement, supply and recruitment in domestic and abroad
  5. Vietnamteachingjobs strives to be a reputable website which Recruiters and teachers believe and takes on a development.

Because every one deserves the best opportunity to get their wish possible, we’ve pulled together expert information on common jobseekers and recruiters .

Thank you for letting us be a partner in a process  to your success.

For jobseekers

You-jobseekers bring your enthusiasm for education

Vietnamteachingjobs  provides an online service for anyone looking for teaching jobs in Vietnam.

We’re not a recruitment agency, we’re a job site.

As a registered user of vietnamteachingjobs, you can receive email job alerts, apply for teaching jobs vacancies, manage your applications, create your own jobseeking profile and store your CV securely online. You can also make it available to be searched for by thousands of recruitment company.

Vietnamteachingjobs features kind of  jobs: full time, part time, internship, temporary,…and includes jobs in school, organization, language  centre,…..

We also offer a range of career advice, contact,…… all designed to help you whatever stage you’re at in your career.

For employers

You-recruiters brings the materials to help make jobseekers work

We advertise vacancies on behalf of employers and recruitment teachers who are looking for teaching jobs in Vietnam.

vietnamteachingjobs works with thousands of organisations, school, company,…. to fulfill their online recruitment needs.

Recruiters  can choose from a range of services, including: post jobs with full applicant management, CV search, company profile, memberships,….


Vietnamteachingjobs- Your success partner