A memorable Experience: Volunteer program in Vietnam.

Have you ever heard about Volunteer programs in Vietnam? It is so meaningful, challenging and ultimately rewarding experience in one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant and enchanting cultures. This beautiful country extends along a narrow and long coast, bordering Cambodia, Laos and China. The landmark cities of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and Hanoi have attracted travelers for decades due to the classic Vietnamese cuisine, friendly people and colorful markets. Volunteering in Vietnam offers volunteers the opportunity to trek the dense jungles and stretching coasts, explore beautiful Halong Bay, and travel the Mekong Delta by boat.

Many expats in Vietnam love joining a volunteer program in this country. Beside their main jobs as a teacher or engineer, many expats spend their remaining time for a volunteer program as a second job. They participate in non-profit in organizations which are always looking for volunteers with experience to help on their missions to the rural provinces. Their main activities are: helping disabled children, supporting homeless people or micro-finance project in many remote areas. Many of them like to bring humanitarian aid orphans and other underprivileged kids of Vietnam. Others take their interest in a passion for child-rearing, tour-guiding, joining in an environmental sustainability, P/R project and so on.

Today, out of five foreigners who are living in Vietnam, there is one who is participating in a volunteer program or a similar one. If you are a teacher in Vietnam, teaching English for children as a volunteer job can be a great activity. You will understand more about the culture as well as the human in this country. Many expats find doing a volunteer job in Vietnam is one of the most memorable experiences while they stay in Vietnam despite the fact that they receive no money or any donation. One of the members in volunteer community of Ho Chi Minh City said that it was really a passion with many of them and they did it with just a great love with the life in Vietnam. We can see that the expats in have helped improving the quality of living in many area of Vietnam a lot and this is really a very fantastic recognition.

You can search for many volunteer programs and NGOs in Vietnam in the Internet. There are many options for you to make a choice if you really would like to become a member in volunteer programs. Our website Vietnamteachingjobs.com will soon update the information about volunteer programs in Vietnam gradually for you if you care about them.

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